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Advances in Fat Rich Dairy Products


The ever increasing consumer awareness for choice of dairy foods like cream, butter and fat spreads with regard to freshness, taste, health and convenience is a determining factor in capturing the market. The demand for low cholesterol food, low saturated fat content, trans-fatty acids free and the one’s rich in MUFA

and PUFA in fat-containing products has changed the conventional methods of dairy business. With advent of automation for making fat rich dairy products such as table butter, ghee and Anhydrous Milk Fat, there is a need to understand the phenomena underlying such processes.


Milk fat being the costliest component, the economic considerations demands loss control and feasibility of using new technology like microwaves. Moreover, it has become far more important to have knowledge of imported dairy ingredients like

AMF & butter oil used for making various dairy products.



  • To provide knowledge of Fat -rich dairy and food products .
  • To help the participants in developing skills for their effective functioning in food industry.
  • To help the participants in availing the opportunity to improve their performance.



The programme is specifically designed for personnels involved in production of butter, fat spreads, margarine and ghee. The programme is also helpful for new product development and research and development activities. The participants are awarded with a certificate on successful completion of the training programme.


Duration : 5 Days

Languages Supported : English

Fees : INR. 8000/- including food, accommodation (Double occupancy & non AC) and applicable taxes


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