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Dairy Technology for Non Dairy Technologists


In view of liberalization, skill enrichment of human resource is assuming a pivotal place to become effective and competitive. Practicing non-dairy executives needs an understanding  of the basic theoretical concepts and practical hands-on feel of dairy processing operations in order to make them team members in solving problems.

Accordingly, this programmeme is aimed to provide a broad understanding of milk and milk products along with the hands-on-experience of the operations to the non-dairy personnels. The pedagogy would emphasize participative learning through lectures delivered by highly qualified professors of SMC College of Dairy Science and even by knowledgeable and skillful Vidya dairy staff along with practical exposure through ‘hands-on-experience’.


  • To provide fundamental knowledge of dairy processing and operations.
  • To enrich skills for the effective functioning of dairy plant.
  • To help the participants in appreciating dairy process related issues in the organization.
  • To improve the performance of the participants.


The Programme makes an effort to facilitate participants to understand the contents from the theoretical and practical aspects of following mentioned topics:

• Milk Processing          • Paneer

• Fermented Milks         • Ice Cream

• Butter & Ghee            • Condensed  & Dryied Milks

• Cheese                      


The programme is exclusively designed for personnel other than dairy graduates working in  the dairy plants. The participants are awarded with a certificate on successful completion of the training programme.


Languages Supported: English , Gujarati

Fees : INR. 8000 (Per participant including food, accommodation and applicable taxes. )

Due to unforeseen circumstances, course dates may change/ get cancelled in some cases. Prior confirmation is therefore, a must before participating in any program.


CONTACT: Training Coordinator, 09377211866, or
write to: trainings@vidyadairy.in; paoffice@vidyadairy.in

For details please visit: www.vidyadairy.in


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