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Technology of Mozzarella cheese


In recent years, various cheeses like processed cheese, mozzarella, cheese spreads, flavored and spiced cheese have been introduced in Indian market. Cheddar cheese is the base material for preparation of processed cheese, cheese spreads and cheese foods. Increasing the yield of Cheddar cheese, preventing bitterness and accelerating its ripening process are few points that require understanding of the basics of cheese making.

There is prevalence of ‘Pizza Parlors’ all over India attracting the youth and elders alike. The cheese that is specifically used on pizza pie is ‘pizza/mozzarella’ cheese. The retailers now specify the end use specifications to cater to the whims of varied consumers. Processed cheese is the most consumed cheese in India, occupying almost 80% of the cheese market and it has now become an important ingredient in many sophisticated Indian delicacies.  The participants are taught to prepare ‘tailor made’ cheese as per the demand of the consumers.


·         To provide in depth knowledge about production aspects of Cheddar, Mozzarella and Processed cheeses.

·         To help participants understand the role of functional raw ingredients involved  and to understand commercial

·         aspects of producing different cheeses.

·         To provide Knowledge on recent developments in cheese technology.


The programme makes an effort to facilitate participants to understand the cheese course from theoretical and practical aspects of:

·         Technological parameters involved in making of Cheddar, Mozzarella and Processed cheese

·         Parameters for selection of cheese as raw ingredient as well as other functional ingredients for the production of quality Processed cheese.

·         Ripening of Cheddar cheese, functional characteristics of Mozzarella cheese and factors affecting them.

·         Commercial aspects for production of cheddar, mozzarella and processed cheeses, remedies to overcome defects and recent advances.


The programme is perfectly designed both for dairy personnel working in the dairy plants as well as for those from non-dairy background who intend to start the business of Cheese. The participants are awarded  with a certificate on successful completion of the training programme.


Languages Supported: English

Fees : INR. 10000/-  (Per participant including food, accommodation and applicable taxes. )

Due to unforeseen circumstances, course dates may change/ get cancelled in some cases. Prior confirmation is therefore, a must before participating in any program.

Notes :  Prior Confirmation by email/fax/letter is must before participating in any program


CONTACT: Training Coordinator, 09377211866, or
write to: trainings@vidyadairy.in; paoffice@vidyadairy.in

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