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New Developments in Energy Management of Dairy and Food Operations


Energy plays a central role in the operation of our economy. Energy prices are not only going through the roof, but also achieving internationally benchmark efficiencies. Energy management is becoming essential for survival and progress of companies. Further, as an implication of the Kyoto protocol, Cleaner Energy Management to achieve healthy environment is expected to be mandatory at national level.

Energy is also a major cost factor in Food and Dairy Plants as many food processing and Dairy Plant operations are energy intensive. For sustainable development, industry must adopt diagnostic processes and systems to look for opportunities to reduce energy consumption and increase energy efficiency. Techniques like total energy management Audit can help effectively optimize energy usage in a dairy plant.

It is necessary that engineers/technologists keep updated with new developments for efficient use of resources. This will ultimately help the organization in achieving energy efficiency and optimizing capabilities for clean energy management.

Accordingly, this programme is aimed to provide a broad understanding of all aspects of total energy management along with practical experience shared by the experts. The pedagogy will emphasize participative learning through lectures and insights into practical knowledge through sharing of experience and plant visits.


To provide cutting edge knowledge on developments in area of energy management including Refrigeration Technology, Solar and Wind Energy Applications, Central Power plant viability and installation and implication of these factors on cleaner energy management.

To provide knowledge on Energy Management Practices used in Food & Dairy Plant

To enrich capabilities of the participants to improve their performance.


The programme will be conducted through in depth experience sharing by the experts and real success story based case studies.


The programme is specifically designed for engineers and technologists working in food and dairy industry. The participants are awarded a certificate on successful completion of  thetraining programme.



Languages Supported: English

Fees : INR. 12000/-  (Per participant including food, accommodation and applicable taxes. )


Due to unforeseen circumstances, course dates may change/ get cancelled in some cases. Prior confirmation is therefore, a must before participating in any program.


Notes :  Prior Confirmation by email/fax/letter is must before participating in any program


CONTACT: Training Coordinator, 09377211866, or
write to: trainings@vidyadairy.in; paoffice@vidyadairy.in


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