Upcoming External Training Programs
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  BIMAL JALAN, Governor, RBI
      It is a superb initiative, which deserves to
      be introduced in other profes...
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March 2018
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Vidya Dairy in association with faculty of dairy science offers Training Programms on various topics. Candidated from all the corners of the glob takes part in these cources to sharpen their knowledge.

Cources offered by as are as follow. (Click on the cource title to get details.)

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Advances in Fat Rich Dairy Products
Dairy Technology for Non Dairy Technologists
Laboratory practices in Dairy and Food Plant
Technology of Fermented and Pro-biotic Dairy Products
Technology of Mozzarella cheese
Technology of Cheddar cheese
Technology of Processed cheese
Technological and Engineering Aspects of Dairy and Food Plant
New Developments in Energy Management of Dairy and Food Operations
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