Chairman’s Statement

Dear Colleagues,

It's been a year like no other for Vidya Dairy, just as it has been for wider world. The Covid-19 global pandemic presented significant challenges to our operation. In spite of outbreak of Covid-19 virus, declaration of lockdown in late March, 2020 to mid May 2020 and subsequent impact of Covid-19, I am pleased to report that Vidya Dairy adapted well to those challenges. Now it is my pleasure to present before you the 23rd Annual Report of Vidya Dairy for the year 2020-21.

When I retrospect the activities of Vidya Dairy during tough period for the financial year 2020-21, I am pleased to share that the performance of Vidya Dairy has been outstanding with its mandate. We are aware that effective dairy development depends upon our concerted endeavor towards the education, research, extension and training. Professionally competent and committed group manages Vidya Dairy, which is contributing towards achieving its unique status at all levels. This includes TQM activity to inculcate the implications of Quality, Productivity and Sensitivity towards the efficient use of energy having eco-friendly environment and newer production technologies among the students of fourth year B. Tech (Dairy Technology) of SMC College of Dairy Science, Anand Agricultural University, Anand. During the year 2020-21, we have provided online as well as offline versatile training of dairy business to 56 students in various areas like production, Quality, Maintenance, Finance, Marketing, etc.

In the year 2020-21 Vidya Dairy achieved Turn Over of ` 237.48 crores, Throughput and Capital addition in the year was 136038 litre per day (lpd) and ` 6.87 crores respectively, while 60.43% growth in Cheese production and 15.05% growth in Dahi production during the financial year.

I am happy to state that Vidya Dairy has been awarded Prestigious D L Shah Quality Awards2020 for the project entitled "Establishing extrusion line set up for Dairy students' training and public utility".

Vidya Dairy has been awarded the “National Awards for Excellence in Training & Development”. Vidya Dairy has achieved national level recognition from World HRD Congress for “Excellence in Training & Development” for the year 2020-21.

Vidya Dairy has also been awarded “1st Runner up Productivity in COVID Uncertainty Contest 2020” organized by Baroda Productivity Council, Vadodara.

Vidya Dairy has developed Camel milk Ice cream that has been commercially launched in the market; Vidya Dairy has also developed Low Sugar (7.5% & 10%) Natural Vanilla Ice cream and High Protein Ice Cream and the sample of the said ice is under approval of GCMMF.

I am delighted to note that the dairy took an initiative to offer training programmes considering the scenario and requirements of the dairy industry during 2020-21. Vidya Dairy offered 22 short term training programmes and trained 1362 candidates. So far the dairy has conducted 572 short-term training programmes and trained 10960 personnel of the Dairy Industry from India and abroad.

I am wishing the entire team of Vidya Dairy, the Students, the AAU faculty members, the great institutions like NDDB, GCMMF, AMUL and others for their unstinted support and cooperation towards the dairy to grow from strength to strength.

I sincerely thank the Board of Directors for their guidance and my colleagues of Vidya Dairy for their co-operation. I heartily congratulate all my colleagues as their collective hard work and contribution which resulted in the desired performance of the dairy.

Yours sincerely,
Dr. J B Upadhyay