Message Of Managing Director

Shri D.R. Shah

Managing Director

I convey my heartiest congratulations to the B. Tech (Dairy Technology) and Post graduate students of batch 2023 of Sheth M.C. College of Dairy Science, AAU, Anand for having been groomed and trained by Sheth M.C College of Dairy Science, with further value addition by Vidya Dairy, Anand, especially those post graduates too, who had pursued their undergraduate from Sheth M.C College. In no doubt, this batch of dynamic Dairy Technocrats is all set to conquer the ever growing Dairy Industry of tomorrow with great enthusiasm and tireless efforts, taking it to even greater height.

These students have undergone vital “Hands-on-experience” at Vidya Dairy during their 4th year B. Tech. (D.T.) studies, thus making them aware of importance of quality, productivity, energy efficiency, environment friendly practices, etc. Vidya Dairy being an ISO-9001, ISO-22000 & ISO-14001 unit, the students were also oriented in related activities like ISO-Food Safety Management, TQM, SQC, etc as well as consumer awareness programmes to enhance their professional aptitude alongwith their personal & character development. The students enthusiastically took part in various work areas of dairy namely Milk Processing, Packaging & CIP, Milk Products manufacture, Engineering, Quality Assurance, House Keeping, Vidya Shoppe, Marketing, Commercial functions, etc. The students have also been enriched with fermented dairy products, since we have started manufacture of fermented products like Masti Dahi, Kadhi Dahi over and above production of cheese. The performance of the students was monitored through day-to-day evaluation, module-wise report submission, online examination and presentation as well as viva-voce examination by the Vidya Dairy staff along with the Faculty members from Sheth M.C College of Dairy Science, Anand.

I am confident that these young and enthusiastic students will shoulder the responsibilities assigned to them in dairy or food industry and will lead the dairy industry of tomorrow.

Vidya Dairy wishes them ‘All the Best’ for their future endevour.