Visitor's Voice

 Students visited at Khadhya Khurak fair at Gandhinagar on 22.12.2021.

 Shri Amit Sheth, grandson of donor of B.A. College of Agriculture, visited Vidya Dairy on 30.10.2021.

It’s place to nurture a lot of specialist marking benefits for people.

Great Vidya Dairy. Loved one and visit since 8th April, 1998.

Mr. Bruce Scholten presented a Book to Vidya Dairy- “India’s White Revolution”

We are honored to be invited to Vidya to tour the Dairy. It was especially good to meet the graduating B. Tech students. It’s up to them to market Amul, Dudhsagar milk chocolate & other animal friendly products to ethical consumers around the world.

Thanks & Good Luck!

Beautiful dairy plant. And so nice to see students working on it. Students seem very happy and skillful. I hope one day there will be a French-Indo cooperation in dairy teaching.

Great learning for me from the perspective of a layman and a newbie in the Dairy sector. Thank you.

Dedicated team, students supported centre of excellence. Hearty congratulations.

It was a wonderful experience for me to visit Vidya Dairy. I was impressed to see the activities and the products which are being produced.

My all best wishes to all who are working in this dairy.

It was very good experience to come back after my last visit 5 years ago and see the progress that is very evident. I find the direct involvement of the students in the production very commendable and find it the best way to learn about dairy technology

My best wishes for continued development

Interesting hands-on training in dairy technology for students. The students were enthusiastic about explaining processes and the visit was a good experience.

Very unique facility & hands on learning. So wonderful to see RKVY funds are gainfully employed.

I was impressed with good design of this plant.

It was a great experience to understand the concept of Vidya Dairy. Multistake holder concept with greater focus for education, training, hands on experience with focus for entrepreneurship development and industry orientation. It is the state of art facility and has increased the visibility of AAU across the whole world. Congratulations to all the officers, working force and students. Best wishes for a great success.

The institution is the perfect example of learning by doing. The plant facilities are the state of art and maintenance is of high quality. For me, it was a great learning to be here.

Vidya Dairy have set-up Fermented & Ice-cream unit with assistance under RKVY. It is practical dairy providing training facility to the students of Dairy Science College, which is very useful for future growth of the students for commercial operation.

It is an excellent facility & a learning platform not only for students but also for professionals pertaining to milk & milk products. Can be used extensively for safe milk in the country. Best wishes to the team.

This is an excellent facility and a great example of innovation and creative thinking. As a university we would like to emulate. There is real leadership and teamwork here. Rigorous testing and high standards. You have great students. Well done all round.